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Incorporate into your donation form

Capture matching information at the time of donation by adding 360MatchPro's matching gift widget to your existing donation forms.

Incorporate into your confirmation page

Easily add 360MatchPro's matching gift widget to your existing donation confirmation page and present donors with the forms, guidelines, and next steps they need to take to submit their match request.

Identify based on email domain

360MatchPro can identify matching gift eligible based on the email address your donor uses during the online donation process.

Utilize smart logic to present different information on confirmation based on what's learned during the donation

If a donor selects their matching gift company on the donation page or 360MatchPro identified their company from their email domain, the donor will instantly be presented with the company's matching gift program information on their donation confirmation page.

Identify matches based on usage of 360MatchPro's matching gift tools after emails are received

All automated match emails include unique tracking codes. When donors search and find their employer after receiving a matching gift email, this information automatically flows back into 360MatchPro and is associated with the right donation record.

Import bulk CSV files and automatically identify match opportunities

Bulk import donation records and 360MatchPro will automatically identify matching gift opportunities from your existing database and trigger out the appropriate matching gift emails to drive immediate revenue.

Automate matching gift emails

Trigger out automated emails to donors based on your organization's specific needs and messaging. They're highly customized and will generate additional matching gift revenue!

Send emails from your domain

All automated and manual emails will come directly from your organization, not an third party unfamiliar to your donors.

Customize email frequency and logic

Customize who your emails go out to, when they go out, and how often they go out.

Trigger manual emails

Talk to a donor and need to send them a matching gift reminder? What about following up with your top opportunities. You can easily send one-off customized matching messages to your top matching gift opportunities with the matching gift information that they need.

Customize manual email templates

Customize the default email messaging for personalized follow-ups so they match the rest of your organization's communication strategy. Then modify individual emails on the fly.

View aggregated email tracking and metrics

Understand how your emails are performing with aggregated email open rates, click rates, and delivery rates.

View individual email tracking and statistics

Pull up individual email stats for all automated matching gift emails that have been sent.

Restrict sending to certain email addresses

Do you have donors who shouldn't receive emails? Add email addresses to your blacklist to prevent them from getting matching gift emails.

Enable and manage unsubscribes

Donors have the option to unsubscribe from matching gift emails. If donors unsubscribe from 360MatchPro automated emails, then they won't receive any future automated matching gift emails.

Restrict broad categories of companies

Promote matching gifts to donors who work for companies that will match donations to your nonprofit while excluding marketing to donors at companies who won't match to your nonprofit.

Restrict individual companies

Exclude specific companies from appearing in your organization's search results or prevent emails from being sent to employees at those companies.

Set custom sending limits by frequency in a time period

Manage your messaging strategy to monthly / recurring donors by setting email sending limits.

Set custom sending restrictions based on donation amount

Manage the communication strategy to your major gift donors by restricting emails on donations greater than a customizable amount.

Data encryption (360MatchPro is AES-256)

We encrypt all sensitive donor data with AES-256 encryption in our database servers. All web traffic and donor data passed to us is done over HTTPS.

Firewall with Intrusion Detection Software (IDS)

All network traffic is monitored for malicious activity or policy violation. Your data is protected with Nessus Professional & Sophos XG Firewall.

Firewall with Intrusion Prevention Software (IPS)

Malicious activity is detected and dropped before reaching our servers. Your data is protected with Nessus Professional & Sophos XG Firewall.

Malware detection

You data is protected with Nessus Professional & Sophos XG Firewall to detect and prevent malware from reaching the network. Signatures are kept up-to-date.

Two-factor login

Utilize Google's Two-Factor Authenticator to ensure secure access to you data within 360MatchPro.

Vulnerability scanning including PCI quarterly scans

We run vulnerability scans, including PCI quarterly scans.

Enable instant submission with E-Sign*

"For those companies using paper forms (less than 7% of matches), allow your donors to e-sign the matching gift request form. *Feature being phased out due to nearly all corporations having switched to electronic only submission processes."

Ensure donors access the match info they need with Double the Donation's 98%-99% coverage

If your donor works for a company with a matching gift program, they'll find the relevant forms guidelines and instructions within our database. Our database includes companies employing more than 98% of match eligible donors.

Rely on accurate and up-to-date matching gift data

Our full-time Atlanta-based team is consistently updating and improving the database of matching gift companies.

Sync data with your CRM through APIs

Utilize our robust APIs to sync your data from 360MatchPro into your CRM.

Use our APIs to register donations / retrieve match information

Pass any and all donations into 360MatchPro using our APIs.

Export data using our CSV options

Export data from 360MatchPro into CSV files.

Use our full suite of REST APIs

Utilize a full suite of APIs to register donations, update donation records, update email blacklists, and more.

Set your logo

Start the branding experience by incorporating your organization's logo into all communications.

Choose your "sending from" name and email address

Send all matching gift emails directly from your organization's email domain.

Choose a URL to send donors to when they indicate they submitted a match

Maintain complete branding control by setting a custom URL where you want to direct donors to when they indicate they submitted their matching gift.

Choose a URL to send donors to when they indicate they're ineligible

Maintain complete branding control by setting a custom URL where you want to direct donors to if they indicate they're not eligible to submit a match.

Tailor your email subject lines

Create unique subject lines for all your automated and manual email templates.

Craft your email messages with 10+ variables

Utilize variables ranging from first name, donation amount, donation date, and more to craft a custom message within your email templates.

Customize button colors

Maintain your branding by individually setting all button colors.

Customize header image and text overlay

Utilize our default header images and text or customize them with your own.

Customize email theme colors

Maintain your branding by choosing email theme colors.

Manage matching gift portals with a login tracking system

Track and share portal logins across your organization.

View a dashboard of aggregated matching gift metrics

Quickly and easily get a complete picture of your organization's ongoing matching gift efforts.

Set up multi-user accounts

Set up unique logins for employees with optional two-factor authentication.

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