Matching Gifts: The Expert’s Guide For Nonprofits

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The Most Common Matching Gift Challenges Organizations Face

Unknown Opportunities

Identifying match-eligible donors can be tricky. Sometimes donors themselves don’t even know if they’re eligible to submit a matching gift request! Nonprofits who are unable to identify their match-eligible donors could be missing out on twice as many contributions.

Not Enough Outreach

For larger nonprofits (and even smaller organizations), automated communications can be a hassle, especially when it comes to matching gift information. Nonprofits often don’t know what messages to send to what donors at what time, leading to frustration and unmatched donations.

Lack of Insights

Lets face it. Your time is limited. You can’t realistically reach out to every donor. The key is to get actionable insights into your database. You can then allocate your time to focus on the best opportunities that can substantially grow your nonprofit’s matching gift revenue.